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Let’s Do It After We Marry Chapter 9 Free

Let’s Do It After We Marry Chapter 9 :

Mo-Ah is a nonogamist who always went around shouting, “I’ll never get married in this life!”

Until one day, she faces her boss Geon-Hu, who is known for being strict and level-headed…naked.

But it surely can’t be true… You’re telling me that such a figure belongs to a human?!

He’s as grand and brilliant as an art statue. To the point that she forgets her shame on the spot, and is unable to take her eyes off of him.

After witnessing Geon-Hu’s perfect naked body, Mo-ah suffers from a terrible aftereffect. Wherever she was and whatever she did, all she could think about was his figure.

The distressed Mo-Ah confesses to him one night while drunk.

“Excuse me… Team Leader, could you sleep with me once?”

It was a confession that she definitely couldn’t bring up had she been sober. There was a rush of regret the moment those words left her mouth, but his reply was an even more troublesome answer.

“I’m sorry, but I won’t do it unless it’s with the girl I’m going to marry.”

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